16 October 2018 #1011556

16 Days And Still No Refund From Uber

It’s been 16 days, and I still haven't been refunded for the duplicate charge.

I have numerous receipts and bank statements regarding the matter proving. They have been kept telling me that they will send me the verification to refund. I should have been having it 14 days ago. Even though thinking they might be stick with the weekend days It been 16 days there is no excuse for that.

I billed on two different cards. I have also sent numerous e-mails to customer service regarding the matter, and all I get is no help only a generic reply. I need that refund. It should not have been the matter to them whether the price is low or high they have to do their job. They were not even helping me, not trying to help me to solve my problem. I will report them not only here, but from lots of complaint websites and never going to recommend to anyone.

This is so unpleased. Uber is changing and it not like that before. They need to choose their drivers so picky.

Melisa R. Melisa R. 2.541 Views

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