18 August 2018 #1004396

Uber Bad Driver Experience and Doubled Charging

I have been using the Uber for all my transportations. Until this time I have driven with only gentle drivers. Yesterday's driver whose name is Enver at 7:34 PM; was so bad. I called him to ask about the situation of traffic. He started to yell at me. He said sure there was a traffic jam and he is just coming for us from very far. He said if we don't want to drive in this traffic, it's our problem. I told him, I only call to ask about the situation of traffic. While he was hanging up the phone, he said terrible things to me, but I heard all. When he came, I said hi to him, but he did not even respond. He seems so angry and rude by his toothpick in his mouth. He was driving so fast and dangerously. I really worried about my safety, and we were unsafe with our baby. This was the first time that I am experiencing this lousy driving using the Uber.Also, the biggest problem is, I paid the money from my card before the trip, it was 47,84 USD. I have a proof from the bank. However, at the end of the trip, the cost was 55 USD. Only eight USD difference. But Uber driver said I must pay 55 USD for this trip. Really I paid 55 USD for the trip. When I checked my bank, both 55 USD and 47,84 USD withdrawn from my account.What happened to 47,84 USD payment from my card? How I get back? I want my refund and never going to use Uber until they update customer policies.

Merve T. Merve T. 10.152 Views

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