01 October 2018 #1004658

Uber Charged Higher Than Expected

I usually use Uber a lot but this time was not like the old times. They charged a higher amount than the recipe. Drivers don't know how to use Gps in front of them and asking me how to go. Even though I had to write the address even before calling the Uber; they are still asking for the address.

It was my 6th-7th time to use Uber, but this is getting worse now because the amount they are giving is different than what they charge I heard the same story from one of my friends too if we don't write the complaints they will keep doing it and I am tired of the driver problems.

I cannot trust how much money you will charge at the end. Briefly, it is an unprofessional service as I not expected. A brand like this should not be making the same mistake again. Customers will be disappointed if they keep making the mistakes.

Gokce S. Gokce S. 2.221 Views

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