16 August 2018 #1007897

Uber Driver Did Not Show Up But Charged

On April 7th, I called Uber from application and selected bank payment.

While I was waiting for the taxi, I noticed the driver had started the journey, but there was no taxi around! Immediately I called the driver, but the telephone number was out of service! But I did not give up and send a text message, but no reply received and canceled the call at once.

However, 16,95 USD appeared on the screen as a cancellation fee! I immediately called my bank and closed my account! My God!
That happened two days ago, but there is no reply to my messages through application!

I have been using Uber for a long time and supported Uber taxies from my social media accounts against taxi drivers, but I will support them against Uber from now on if Uber cannot solve this problem!

Uber should not give everyone a permit because some of them can be a thief like this. And, now I send an e-mail to Uber and waiting for a response. I hope I can get refund and get my money back.

Duygu M. Duygu M. 1.554 Views

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