07 October 2018 #1005984

Uber Turkey Drivers Don't Like the Destinations.

I use Uber a lot, and I was pleased with the staff until I experienced my last trip with the Uber. Uber Turkey drivers start to turn into classic Turkish drivers who are bad we use Uber because not to ride with the Turkish Taxis.

Last night, the driver I called didn't like the destination I wanted to go after accepting my call and tried to make me cancel the ride plus I paid the destinated even before Uber came. He told me that "it was late, I should go home, and your destination is not on my way." It's so ridiculous, and rude. Even though He could see ber late, but that is his job, and I paid for him he should not have been saying that, or they should have been changing me with another Uber driver.

I'm pretty sure that was a lie as I saw it millions of times in Turkish drivers' behaviors. Uber is going down. The owner of Uber or who is the responsible for choosing their drivers need to be more professional they need to choose with irritability because they are representing their national firm. I hope they will fix their attitude.

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