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Milton Keynes
England, Buckinghamshire
United Kingdom - MK145

I use the 2010 Volkswagen Jetta Comfortline tool. I asked the craftsmen in the industry that the driver's door lock sometimes opens and sometimes does not turn on, this problem is a general problem. It is reall…

15 December 2018

On July 29,2018, my car which is my 2017 model vehicle, gave engine cooling warning. However, one month ago I took my car to the Volkswagen service for its 15000 kilometers maintenance. I immediately called the roadside assistance. The customer service representative ov…

05 November 2018

We bought a new car Golf model from Volkswagen in April 2018. A few months later, we had an accident, and we delivered our car to authorized service for repairs. However, the authorized service center can not p…

05 November 2018

I went to the Volkswagen service on October 2, 2018. I requested a photocopy of the documents related to the repair process of my vehicle to the consumer court with the help of the way they had previously provided. They said no such document. I took another roadside ass…

03 November 2018

I purchased an extra two years warranty for my 2016 Polo by Volkswagen. The employee or representative told me that they did some wrong input on the system and they put the warranty years wrong. So, I have two …

12 October 2018


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