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Bentonville, Arkansas, 72716-8611, United States - 702 SW 8th Street

At 7:40 am this morning November 24, 2018, I was halfway pulled into the Rivercity Walmart parking lot when the JTA bus ran the stop sign and almost hit me. The driver refused to move and give me the right of way even though She had a stop sign and I did not. I had to b…

24 November 2018

I am always buying my grocery and other shopping from Walmart. I believe that their product quality is excellent and safe. However, recently I purchased Great Value self-rising flour a few weeks back from Conover, North Carolina Store of Walmart. I was baking biscuits w…

12 November 2018

I am very disappointed with the quality of delivering and the customer service of Walmart. I just received a box shipped from Walmart to me with three 19 inches flat screen TVs with a box it's 90% wrecked open. I was very shocked when I see the box in front of my door. …

09 November 2018

I had a coupon from my local magazine that one packet of Glucerna had 30% off with free two days shipping. So I went online to order it. The confirmation e-mail said it would come on Wednesday because I ordered…

17 August 2018

I decided that I should get my hands on the Walmart Stores Money Card to the direct deposit. For some reason, they did not deliver the card that I was supposed to get yet. Also, ordered another one and that one…

14 August 2018

My name is Teressa Turner, and I bought a comforter set back in January from Walmart. I am an occasional customer of Walmart and very satisfies with their refund and return policies. This time I am very surpris…

05 August 2018


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