24 November 2018 #1011641

Dangerous JTA Drivers at Walmart

At 7:40 am this morning November 24, 2018, I was halfway pulled into the Rivercity Walmart parking lot when the JTA bus ran the stop sign and almost hit me.

The driver refused to move and give me the right of way even though She had a stop sign and I did not. I had to back into City Center road and block traffic while she continued to pull out. She even folded her hands and sat there looking at me as if to say “I’m not moving, I’m bigger than you and you’ll love out of my way! ”

At 8 am while I was loading my car I witnessed the next bus tap their brakes and pull straight through the stop sign. Since when does JTA not have to obey traffic laws!

You have extremely dangerous drivers and just because they are driving a bus doesn’t give them the right to run over other drivers on the road.

Jamie L. Jamie L. 3.947 Views

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