14 August 2018 #1008038

The Card From Walmart Stores Has Not Been Delivered

I decided that I should get my hands on the Walmart Stores Money Card to the direct deposit. For some reason, they did not deliver the card that I was supposed to get yet. Also, ordered another one and that one not given too.

I decided to contact with the customer service. I had notified them of this particular problem that I was having, and they said they would send another card. However, I still have not gotten this card, too.

I want them to do something about this at the soonest because I do not like having to deal with this at all. Customer service keeps saying that they are going to send a new one. I did not count how many times I am going to receive the card.

All my money is in this Walmart Stores card, and I need access. This is important to me.

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