17 August 2018 #1009211

The Packaging From Walmart Was Inadequate

I had a coupon from my local magazine that one packet of Glucerna had 30% off with free two days shipping. So I went online to order it. The confirmation e-mail said it would come on Wednesday because I ordered it Monday morning.

However, my package came on next Monday which took one week! Anyway, they delivered and dropped my package in front of my house. When I try to carry it, the box immediately ripped, and all the beverage split all around the front door.

When I looked at the box, Walmart did not prepare it properly. There is no evidence of taping for the box. It was a heavy package and how they did not care about the taping and making sure its safe. I am an old person, and something could happen. Thank God the bottles did not fall onto my foot.

I try to contact with Walmart customer service, and they are not accepting responsibility. They are blaming the shipping company.
So, I also contacted with the delivering company, and their response is they are just picking up the boxes not preparing them.

Now, I do not know what to do because both companies are not taking responsibility. My money also wasted for nothing, and I could not get a refund or even store credit!

I need some help with this at the soonest time. This is just terrible.

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