05 August 2018 #1011280

Walmart Did Not Refund My Crumpled Comfort Set

My name is Teressa Turner, and I bought a comforter set back in January from Walmart. I am an occasional customer of Walmart and very satisfies with their refund and return policies.

This time I am very surprised. After using the comforter set several times, I decided to wash. In the first wash the comforter crumpled up, and it was only the first wash. I used the detergent and softener that I always use for my previous comforters.

The problem is I always have bought my comforters from Walmart, and now I am shocked because I never had something like that before. It was a mainstay.

I try to contact Walmart. However, they said they couldn't accept a return or refund this time. They said it is my fault to not to follow washing directions on the label. I am not a satisfied customer at this time, and I am not going to buy a comforter from Walmart anymore and not recommending it!

Teressa T. Teressa T. 2.809 Views

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