09 November 2018 #1011610

Walmart Unacceptable Box and Delivery

I am very disappointed with the quality of delivering and the customer service of Walmart. I just received a box shipped from Walmart to me with three 19 inches flat screen TVs with a box it's 90% wrecked open.

I was very shocked when I see the box in front of my door. They just throw the box in front of the front yard and didn't even ring the bell. I was not aware that the package delivered because normally they ring the doorbell when they put a package on the door. Also, it was not covered with plastic coverage or anything, and it was pouring down rain no one rang the doorbell. That's because they didn't want us to see how bad the box was because I would have refused it the package came to

I'm very disgusted I can't believe you people even delivered that box I have pictures of it and I will send them if requested. I am hoping the three 19 inch TV's are ok.

Marine Y. Marine Y. 3.562 Views

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