12 November 2018 #1011618

Walmart Unhealthy Flour

I am always buying my grocery and other shopping from Walmart. I believe that their product quality is excellent and safe. However, recently I purchased Great Value self-rising flour a few weeks back from Conover, North Carolina Store of Walmart.

I was baking biscuits with that flour for my guests. When I made my biscuits, the color of them was yellow, not white. I will definitely not repurchase this product. I threw away almost 10 lbs. flour away.

Whoever makes with this product should be notified. Biscuits should be white inside not yellow. I have been making bread for over 50 years and used many flours. However, I am not pleased with this product. Walmart should be more careful with what they are selling.

Judy R. Judy R. 5.689 Views

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