09 December 2018 #1011687

Dishonest Wish.com

I started ordering back in late October. In November, I ordered quite a few items. Over half of them, I never received. They did refund some of the money in Wish cash and then flagged my account and took the Wish cash.

So I'm out of items and money. On November 12th, they took 64.00 out of my account. Will not return it. They never gave me all of my refunds for items that they said they refunded. My bank statement proves it. I have sent that to them. They deleted my order history from November 16 pages of it. I have been trying to solve this matter with the customer service and to no afraid to fight.

This company needs to be shut down. I do not order from them any longer. They steal from their customers. We need someone to investigate them.

Darlene P. Darlene P. 5.930 Views

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