08 October 2018 #1011553

Wish.com Refuses Refund For Not Delivered Product

I ordered a product on Wish.com. After that, I received two emails from the customer service telling me the product delivered to my home. It was not.

I sent an email to customer support saying the product did not arrive. They replied me back that sometimes with international shipping it may take a few days. It doesn't make sense that they would tell you something like that. Why it shows that delivered and later they give me an explanation like it still might take a few days to delivery. There is not even a connection between the action and reason.

They provide a tracking number, but I don't know if it's from UPS, FedEx or the Postal Service. Moreover, they refused to give a refund. There are numerous complaints about this company saying that they do this. I have copies of the conversations with them.

Martine P. Martine P. 2.127 Views

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