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I have requested that my Zara online shopping is sent to store. My package was two pieces. After the package was sent to the store and the email was sent to me that it is ready to pick up. I was going out of town, so I immediately went to the store. When I came home, I …

07 February 2019

On 01/16/2019 at Zara store, I've shopped. Then today 01/17/2019 I was randomly looking at Zara online app and saw the products that I bought yesterday were cheaper in the online store. I have scanned the codes…

17 January 2019

On 01/07/2019 the shipping company delivered my order 51619261760 to another person. The online shopping package I ordered in Zara was handed over to someone I never heard of and heard the last name and surname, and I cannot reach the cargos nor the person. How can a bi…

16 January 2019

I want to exchange a gift that was bought through online shopping, but I have learned that the products purchased online are not exchanged from the stores. Then I applied to your web/customer support line to make changes from the website. And I'm learning that online pr…

27 December 2018

Zara branded leather pants began to fall out of the place where it was never worn. This brand did not suit this situation and this is my first time having this problem with Zara. Also, I can't return or exchange it because the store is blaming me even though I didn't we…

20 December 2018

My 51577594096 numbered and 23 November 2018 dated order from Zara Turkey has not still been delivered. I have been sent a notification email declaring that my order will be delivered at latest on 4th December 2018. However, still no update at all. When I call the custo…

04 December 2018


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