04 December 2018 #1011677

Zara Online Order Disappointment

My 51577594096 numbered and 23 November 2018 dated order from Zara Turkey has not still been delivered. I have been sent a notification email declaring that my order will be delivered at latest on 4th December 2018. However, still no update at all.

When I call the customer service, they said that one item in my order in the process of supply. When I asked if it is possible not to find it, they said that yes of course. Zara is getting the money in a millisecond, but not able to supply it in 2 weeks. Really congratulate you on your great operations and service in Turkey.

I have all telephone conversation records, emails, order approval, payment approval. I will start the legal process tomorrow. Really big big big failure Zara, thank you

Seray G. Seray G. 4.382 Views

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